Don’t Deviate | Uniform 1

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So as a project for myself I’m going to post parts of a shorts story every day. The word count for each section will be around 300 words. Hope you like it. The story is going to be called ‘Uniform’

The bell sounded at six in the morning waking everyone up as usual. The city moved like a well-oiled machine, an efficiency groomed over decades. Citizens collectively got out of their beds and prepared for the day ahead of them; showering, getting dressed, eating breakfast and finally, if they had already reached maturity, putting on their ties. This had been the routine of the city for the better part of the past century without a blunder.

Near the city center, Matthew strode to the door, ready to leave for his first day at work before being stopped by his mother.

“Slow down honey, let me have a look at you before you go off. You’re growing up so fast! It feels like just yesterday you were climbing on your father’s lap trying to steal his tie.” She said, almost squealing while looking over her son.

A stern look overcame her features as her gaze focused on her son’s neck. Reaching forwards, she grasped his tie and quickly undid the eccentric knot her son had made before redoing the knot as society demanded. Once she finished she let him leave while she muttered about how lucky he was that someone highly ranked had seen him.

As he walked towards the bus stop he thought of the knot he had made this morning and why people believed it to be so bad not to follow the rules of society. At the bus stop, he saw a few people who fit into the higher ranks that his mother had muttered about, distinguished by the number of stars marking their suit. The people taking the bus consisted mostly of 2-star citizens but a few 3-stars could be spotted in the crowd.

So that’s the first instalment! The next part will be posted tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed it and feel free to comment.

Opening Up

I’m Oliver and I’ve started this blog to share some of the moments, thoughts, creations, etc., in my life that I think are interesting and to see what others think! I hope you enjoy the blog and would love to hear your thoughts on my posts!

Update: So I’ve been working on the blog now for an hour or so (I think… could be anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours) and am still trying to figure out what half of these tabs mean but I’m getting there! Slowly but steadily the blog progresses and one day soon I might actually be able to navigate it without needing to have 7 tabs open because I don’t know if I’ll be able to find them again. Anyways… I just finished the ‘About Me’ section on my profile and was wondering if anyone else feels like they are setting up a dating profile whenever they have to fill in ‘About me’ sections? Is it just me?

Ok anyways, back to exploring the website I go! Lets hope I figure it out soon