Recovery | Uniform 14

So the last part ended with Matthew being led to a warehouse. Will this lead to a better future for Matthew or simply more tragedy?

The two men walked into the warehouse. As Matthew observed the large group of people inside the man called for a woman named Kiara. A few short moments later, a short woman emerged from the crowd. As she moved closer Matthew recognized her as one of the doctors he had spoken to in the city center. Seeing his pained stance, the woman rushed up to him, taking in his injuries before yelling for someone to retrieve her equipment.

An hour passed and Matthew got off a stretcher with a cast on his right leg and left arm and two rolls of gauze wrapped around his torso. The doctor told him not to move around too much for a few weeks to allow his body to heal, after which he should meet with her to discuss whether rehabilitation would be necessary.

Four months passed before Matthew was fully healed. His arm and leg worked perfectly and he didn’t need any rehabilitation. Physically, he was in peak condition. Mentally however, that was far from the case. Throughout his recovery, he barely thought about his previous life and family. Despite wanting to return to his once blissfully ignorant life, he knew that he would never be able to return to such a menial existence. Additionally, he was a little bit preoccupied learning about the 1-stars and seeing the horrors they faced every day. In the four months that he had been there, he had seen countless 1-stars hobble into the warehouse in worse conditions than him. He had seen children die from malnourishment, and mothers starving themselves to provide for their families.

Matthew had gotten close to Kiara since arriving at the warehouse and considered her a friend. He trusted her enough to tell him the truth about the population of 1-stars. After weeks of probing she told him that most of the 1-stars were spread out between three warehouses like the one they were in. The few that weren’t there were families being housed in small apartments. He asked if it would be possible to gather all the 1-stars in one place, to which she answered that it was unusual, but possible. Kiara asked why he wanted to know this. Matthew deliberated for a moment but knew that he needed her status within the 1-star community. He shared his plan and when he finished she told him that she would talk to some of the messengers and see when a meeting would be possible.

What’s Matthew’s plan? Why does he need to meet with all of the 1-stars? Things seem to be looking up for Matthew but how long can this last? The next instalment will look into Matthew’s plan and reveal a bit more about how the 1-stars are run.

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Hey! I'm Oliver. I am Danish Colombian and grew up in Ukraine but live in London now so you are likely to hear about these places when talking to me. I'm generally very happy and energetic but will someties take a twist into talking about really depressing or gory things but people get used to that around me. I love love love food! I could eat 24/7 if I had food (Pronounced Ice-cream) in front of me! I Like to try new things but it doesn't happen as often as I'd like cause I enjoy sleeping and lying in bed more... but what can you do ;P So thats it about me for now though you'll probably learn more about me by reading my posts! Oh and I want to be a singer/actor/author in the future so there will definitely be posts about that in my blog!

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