Mistakes Happen | Uniform 13

Hey!  How are you guys? Hope you are enjoying the story so far and are as excited as I am to see what is going to happen to Matthew! Anyways, the last instalment left off with Matthew being accused of stealing a keycard…

“Think about it. He is the only 1-star around here. Of course, he must have taken it. No one else would have anything to gain from taking my keycard.” The officer turned to face Matthew and seemed to agree with the woman. Slowly he moved toward Matthew, unhooking his baton from his hip as he walked.

“Sir, I’m going to give you five seconds to return this woman’s keycard before I decide to force you into doing so.”

Due to his shock, Matthew barely had time to reply that he hadn’t taken the keycard before the officer’s baton slammed into Matthew’s leg. He screamed in pain while falling to the ground. In panic, he curled up into a ball in hopes of minimizing his pain before being hit again, this time on the back and in the arm. The officer paused in his assault to repeat that Matthew should return the keycard. Three more hits landed before the woman interrupted the officer.

“I found it! Sorry to worry you like that officer. It turns out it was in the inside pocket of my suit though I can’t imagine how it got there.”

She left immediately after that leaving the officer to turn back to Matthew. He expected the officer to help him up and apologize but the officer did no such thing.

“You heard the lady. She found her keycard. Now get up and keep walking 1-star, before I make you,” the officer spat out.

Limping, Matthew quickly shuffled out of the square, ignoring his pain for the time-being. Never had he felt so weak or insignificant. He turned into an alley a few blocks away from the center to avoid a group of 3-stars that were walking in his direction. The alley was dark and smelled as though rotting corpses enjoyed congregating there. He had barely made it halfway through the alley when a 1-star walked up to him. He told Matthew that he had seen what happened and told Matthew to follow him if he wanted to survive the night. Seeing no choice, Matthew shuffled behind the man as fast as he could. The man’s strict pace caused waves of pain to course through Matthew’s body with each step, but he pushed through it, unwilling to lose his best chance of survival, until the man stopped in front of a large warehouse.

Whats in the warehouse? Who is this ominous 1-star leading Matthew? 

So Matthew’s had a rough day. Will the next instalment bring some good news or will the bad keep piling on (I mean I kinda wan’t to give him some good news but so often my writing takes a dark turn without me intending it to so who knows). Read tomorrow’s post to find out!

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Hey! I'm Oliver. I am Danish Colombian and grew up in Ukraine but live in London now so you are likely to hear about these places when talking to me. I'm generally very happy and energetic but will someties take a twist into talking about really depressing or gory things but people get used to that around me. I love love love food! I could eat 24/7 if I had food (Pronounced Ice-cream) in front of me! I Like to try new things but it doesn't happen as often as I'd like cause I enjoy sleeping and lying in bed more... but what can you do ;P So thats it about me for now though you'll probably learn more about me by reading my posts! Oh and I want to be a singer/actor/author in the future so there will definitely be posts about that in my blog!

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