A Cold Goodbye | Uniform 12

Hi Guys! So Matthew is about to confront his parents for the first time since losing his star. Will it go well or will they be as cold-shouldered as most people are to 1-stars?

Almost immediately after Matthew’s father entered the kitchen he stopped abruptly, seeing Matthew. A stern expression overcame his face as he saw that Matthew only had one star now and he moved towards his wife, preferring to look at her over Matthew. Mathew watched as his parents stared at each other in shock. Neither of them had ever thought it a possibility for Matthew to lose a star. Matthew saw his father’s shoulders rise with a sigh and quietly, almost as if he himself didn’t want to hear the words spoken, he told his son to get out and not to come back.

Shocked by what he had just heard Matthew froze and stared at his parents.


Matthews whispered question had barely sounded when his father spoke again. Louder this time, his father repeated the command, restraining his mother when she tried to run to Matthew. His father screamed at Matthew to get out in rage unshed tears shining brightly in contrast to his reddening face. Knowing that his father could not be reasoned with in this mood Matthew left the house. Both of his parents turned away, neither of them able to bear watching his figure leave.

Having nowhere to go, Matthew walked to the city center hoping to find a 1-star to learn more about his situation and how to survive it. Having walked around for a couple of hours, Matthew began giving up hope of seeing any 1-stars that day. He began turning back to try his luck with his parents again when he heard a woman’s scream. His head snapped in the direction of the noise and he saw a woman frantically yelling about having lost something. As she was explaining her situation to a nearby police officer, Matthew moved closer to the pair to see what was happening. He overheard that she couldn’t find her keycard. As she explained her situation animatedly, her eyes passed by Matthew before stopping her explanation abruptly.

“He must have taken it,” she accused to the officer, voice cold and eyes assessing as she pointed straight at Matthew.


What’s going to happen to Matthew now? Where is he going to live? Is he going to get arrested for something he didn’t do? Hope you guys are enjoying this and come back tomorrow for the next instalment of Uniform! 

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Hey! I'm Oliver. I am Danish Colombian and grew up in Ukraine but live in London now so you are likely to hear about these places when talking to me. I'm generally very happy and energetic but will someties take a twist into talking about really depressing or gory things but people get used to that around me. I love love love food! I could eat 24/7 if I had food (Pronounced Ice-cream) in front of me! I Like to try new things but it doesn't happen as often as I'd like cause I enjoy sleeping and lying in bed more... but what can you do ;P So thats it about me for now though you'll probably learn more about me by reading my posts! Oh and I want to be a singer/actor/author in the future so there will definitely be posts about that in my blog!

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