Opening Up

I’m Oliver and I’ve started this blog to share some of the moments, thoughts, creations, etc., in my life that I think are interesting and to see what others think! I hope you enjoy the blog and would love to hear your thoughts on my posts!

Update: So I’ve been working on the blog now for an hour or so (I think… could be anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours) and am still trying to figure out what half of these tabs mean but I’m getting there! Slowly but steadily the blog progresses and one day soon I might actually be able to navigate it without needing to have 7 tabs open because I don’t know if I’ll be able to find them again. Anyways… I just finished the ‘About Me’ section on my profile and was wondering if anyone else feels like they are setting up a dating profile whenever they have to fill in ‘About me’ sections? Is it just me?

Ok anyways, back to exploring the website I go! Lets hope I figure it out soon




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Hey! I'm Oliver. I am Danish Colombian and grew up in Ukraine but live in London now so you are likely to hear about these places when talking to me. I'm generally very happy and energetic but will someties take a twist into talking about really depressing or gory things but people get used to that around me. I love love love food! I could eat 24/7 if I had food (Pronounced Ice-cream) in front of me! I Like to try new things but it doesn't happen as often as I'd like cause I enjoy sleeping and lying in bed more... but what can you do ;P So thats it about me for now though you'll probably learn more about me by reading my posts! Oh and I want to be a singer/actor/author in the future so there will definitely be posts about that in my blog!

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